The natural way to identify your customers

Facebanx has devised a unique combination of face recognition, voice recognition and document verification that will allow your organization to cut costs, improve onboarding rates and reduce your levels of fraudulent activity.

1. Do you want to introduce Self service authentication?

If so, we can do that for you using mobile devises, tablets and PC’s. All of the biometrics are cross device, so you can open an account on a PC for example and then login using your face on a mobile.

2. Are you having problems with your onboarding rates?

Why not use our Video chat authentication solution where you can confirm the identify of your customer in seconds and open accounts or allocate credit cards immediately from within the video chat. No need to ask your customers to visit the branch or conduct lengthy calls and difficult form filling.

3. Does the regulator require you to improve your “Know Your Customer” (KYC) data?

We know all of the regulations and how to conform to them. Simply contact us and we can provide you with the correct solution.

Key Features

Facebanx’s identity verification is a flexible solution that can be deployed at many different touch points across the organisation, from a PC or mobile phone to call centres.

Facebanx’s system can be configured to suit organisations’ requirements and be customised to meet the unique needs of every business. The software can sit within the organisation’s existing server network or on Facebanx’s.

Facial Recognition

During identity validation Facebanx will make a request using the webcam on a customer’s device to take an image. The webcam will turn on and a live stream will be engaged. During this stream, the customer will be asked to click on a button which allows the software to take a still picture of them which will then be added to the database of faces.

Voice Recognition

The customer will be requested to read out loud six randomly generated numbers up to 5 times. Once completed the voice biometrics will be added to the customers face data. The voice biometric can be used independently of the face biometric to confirm the customer’s identity, such as via a phone call, by recognising the customers voice biometrics.

ID document capture

Facebanx’s ID document software will Optical Character Recognition (OCR) all of the data from the document, and confirm that the document is real. It will compare the data from the document against the data entered within the registration process. Where possible it will recognise the face on the ID document and confirm that it matches the webcam captured face.

The biometric solutions can be used either independently or in any combination




Key Benefits

By using Facebanx to identify and verify customers, organisations can reduce operational costs and fraud losses, improve the customers experience and increase their efficiency and revenue.

Enhances the customer’s experience

as they can simply use their face and voice to log in to their account without having to use a password.

Reduces operational costs

by improving and automating existing on-boarding processes creating a more secure authentication method across the organisation.

Improves the accuracy of new accounts

opened by providing a process that approves more accurately the validation of the customer.

Reduces fraud

by requiring unique identifiers of the customer’s face and voice thus preventing them from opening multiple accounts using false data.

How Facebanx works?

Facebanx has devised and has a patent pending on a method of capturing a facial image and voice of a customer by simply using the webcam and microphone on a computer, tablet or mobile device and instantly cross-referencing it against a database to prove the identity of the customer.

Customers would simply create their account as normal and your organisation would choose which additional Facebanx products you want in order to improve the accuracy of your identification process.

Registration Process

Login Process

Video chat - prevents fraud and increases on-boarding rates

"Counter fraud professionals are always looking for the 'holy grail' in the fight against identity fraud. Facebanx is an exciting new development and product which could be one step closer to such a solution."


There are many uses cases which Facebanx’s verification can be used for:

  • Automated origination and enrolment
  • Automated account access without the need to
    use passwords
  • Automated self service accounts
  • Password reset without using the services of call centres
  • High-risk transactions
  • Customer verification for mobile wallets
  • Verification for deliveries
  • Compliance for Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • In store customer identification

It works on every platform!

Allow you to access your accounts independent of the platform you use.


Current password technology is over 20 years old. Organisations require new, secure and innovative Identification & Verification (ID&V) solutions. Facebanx provides a convenient and easy to use solution that has the ability to confirm that the customer is in fact who they say they are. It offers the ability to stop fraud occurring at the first point of contact with the customer. Facebanx severely restricts the ability of organised criminals to conduct multiple account fraud and account takeovers.

Facebanx’s identity verification delivers strong authentication that is accurate, secure and user friendly as well as providing cost reduction benefits to every organisation through automation of existing manual processes and reducing fraud opportunities.